Perceptive Insights Products and Services

We offer three distinct product offerings all based on the Perceptive Marketing™ system. For clients who wish to have a "hands on" experience with Perceptive Insights, we offer on-site consulting. For clients who would like the benefit of working in a group environment at a more moderate cost, we offer our 3-level coaching program. And finally, for the DIY (Do It Yourself) entrepreneur, we offer a suite of digital products that are the same tools we use in our consulting engagements.

Additionally, we offer digital products for leadership and mindset training.

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Perceptive Marketing™ Digital Products

  • Fundamentals of Relationship Marketing

    Designing relationships that build business takes intention and focus. This small eBook will explain the fundamentals of relationship marketing with examples.

  • Business Profile

    To properly design your own strategies – for business and marketing – you need to understand the current status of your business. This product will help you assess the status of your business.

  • Insight Skills Analysis

    Once you understand the fundamentals of relationship marketing and have a good idea about your business’ status, you need to understand your skills as an entrepreneur. This product will give you an objective view of your skills.

  • Unique Values Analysis™

    This product walks you through the process of understanding and prioritizing your values. Then, you’ll build your own Unique Value Stores which can be used in your business.

  • The 60 Second Hook

    Trust and communication are required to build real relationships. Learn how to engender trust with anybody in 60 seconds and be on the road to a genuine relationship with others.

  • Defining Your Target Market

    When you market your business or your product, you’ll have success when you are talking to a specific set of people who might buy your product. This product walks you through the process of identifying your target market.

  • Designing Your Brand

    Once you’ve walked through the steps above, you now have all the tools to build your brand. This product explains branding and how to take your content and build your brand.

  • Perceptive Marketing™ Digital Bundle

    All the Perceptive Marketing™ digital products are included here. Design the business of your dreams!


Perceptive Leadership & Mindset Products

  • Affirmation Posters

    These motivational images keep you in the proper entrepreneurial mindset. Various subjects are covered in the posters: Acceptance, Balance, Diet, discipline, Fear, Goal Setting & others. Click here to get more information.

  • The Book of Leadership Affirmations

    The Big Book of Leadership Affirmations is a compilation of the best thinking about leadership and can be used as a personal leadership tool. Click here for more information

  • Big Book of Personal Development

    The Big Book of Personal Development Affirmations is a compilation of quotes and sayings from the greatest personal development authors. Included, is the method to turn these into your personal affirmation tool. For more information, click here.

  • Big Book of Wealth Affirmations

    The Big Book of Wealth Affirmations is a collection of wisdom from the greatest financial and wealth authors. We also  include the tools to make this your personal mindset tool. Click here for more information.


Perceptive Marketing™ Coaching Programs

Entrepreneur marketers can participate in the Perceptive MarketingTM Coaching Program. This multi-level coaching program is designed to give you the benefit of the Perceptive MarketingTM consulting services in a cost-effective format.

$49.97Monthly Subscription
  • Website Resources
  • Monthly Teleseminar
  • Monthly 2-Page Newsletter
  • 3 Emergency Calls Per Year
  • 1 Hr Monthly Review Call

Cost-conscious entrepreneurs who would like more of a "do it yourself" flavor, but would also like to be apprised of the latest trends in direct marketing can elect to become a "Tenacious" entrepreneur.



$497.97Monthly Subscription
  • Website Resources
  • Monthly Teleseminar
  • Monthly 6-Page Newsletter
  • 9 Emergency Calls Per Year
  • 1 1/2 Hr Monthly Mentoring/Accountability
  • Interview CDs
  • Visionary Council 2-Day Event

This group is for entrepreneurs who want to address specific business needs, evaluate their current marketing strategies, be held accountable for their commitments, and would like to be apprised of the latest trends in direct marketing.


Perceptive Marketing™ Consulting Services

Top Marketers and Small Businesses Use These Services To Build Successful Relationships With Clients

Perceptive Marketing™ is an interdependent suite of services designed to provide a customized communication strategy and set of tactics to build customers for life. Perceptive Marketing™ is comprised of the following modules:

  • Relationship Marketing Education
  • Existing Business Analysis
  • Operational Skills Analysis
  • Establishing a Unique Value Proposition
  • Conducting a SWOT Analysis
  • Identifying a Target Market
  • Designing a Relationship Marketing Communication Plan
  • Implementing Your Relationship Marketing Communication Plan

Perceptive Marketing™ is a custom consulting service. During this engagement, we provide complete marketing services based on best practices in relationship marketing. Our process encapsulates the entrepreneur's unique values, vision and business expertise while balancing it against the available human resources, expertise and budget for each client.

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Perceptive-NxLevel Entrepreneur Course

Executive Level Content - Designed for Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneur Course is a 12-session intensive training program designed to encourage business expansion in a community. It focuses on teaching the art of better business practices while producing a comprehensive business plan to guide business expansion decisions and activities.

Course participants will receive the NXLevel® Guide for Entrepreneurs, 5th Edition as well as the course work book.

By the end of the course, you will have a practical understanding of entrepreneurial fundamentals and a completed business plan from which to build your business.