Business Solutions

Our proprietary processes – developed over 25 years coaching and consulting with companies around the world – are cornerstone business solutions for small to medium sized companies around the world.


Our Specialties

Our core processes have been successfully implemented in the following areas

Service Businesses

Dressmakers, Event Managers, Marketing Agencies, Entertainment Companies, Fitness Companies, Trailer Companies, Learning Companies, Health Spas, Commercial Cleaning companies

Real Estate Businesses

Residential real estate brokerages, commercial real estate brokerages, real estate investing businesses

Software Companies

Custom software developers, SaaS companies, Website Development Companies, Digital Marketing Companies

Technology Companies

Mobile Technology Companies, Cryptocurrency Companies, Platform Development Companies, IoT Companies

Healthcare Industry

Medical Devices Companies, Virus Testing Companies, PPE Supply Companies, Doctor Offices

International Expansions


 International expansion services for any of the industries liste above. We have collaborative business relationships to get your products or services implemented globally with the minimal amount of time, money and resources.

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