Are You Interested In Jumpstarting Your Clients' Success?

Do you serve clients who are plagued by hitting the glass ceiling in their business? Clients who are socially conscious and committed to leaving the world in a better place but can’t quite “cross the goal line?” Heck, you may be experiencing that right now! Or, you may have experienced this in the past. And you know the situation. It goes like this: 

Your client is a Gen-Xer or Baby Boomer whose business has hit a ceiling in revenue or profits. They are frustrated by feeling so close to wild success but can’t put it all together. 

They may have identified the problem but haven’t had that out of the blue “a-ha” moment when you discern a nugget of missing data that leads to a series of activities that solve the problem. They haven’t found their “Perceptive Insights” nor do they have a plan of action that works.

And that’s created a lot of frustration and angst for your client and their business. 

The Perceptive Business Process

But we have perfected high-end proprietary process that gets business results. This process combines core values with the necessary vision, mission, strategy, marketing and operations and team alignment. When completed, your client will have a custom-designed system that supports all the areas of a business.

And The Result is...

Fast results: higher revenues and profits, clear internal and external messaging, a sales process that can be relied upon and scaled, and a motivated and inspired team all pulling in the same direction!
In fact, our process can discover $100,000 for your clients in additional revenues within 6 months! 
The investment is a mere $6000 (not including processing fees). This is a staggering return on investment of over 1667%!  For your efforts, you will receive 10% commission. And, if your client decides to upgrade to the Insights Business Service – where we work with them each month to implement their plan of action and guarantee their results – at an additional $15,000, you will also receive an additional 10% commission – without any work on your part.
Any growth-focused, Gen-X and Baby Boomer entrepreneur will be ecstatic to generate the financial results alone. But in addition, they will have systems to run their businesses more efficiently – which is EXACTLY what today’s businesses need.
To give you an idea of the success we’ve had in the past, our face-to-face conversions rate is 60%. 
If these types of clients are in your tribe, let’s help them together! Perceptive would love to partner with you to get our combined messages and services to our respective customer bases.
We offer generous affiliate commission for a variety of DIY products, monthly coaching services and high end processes. 

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You’ll add significant value to your tribe with our combined products and services.

Send us a text with your name, website and how you’d like to work with us. We’re really easy to work with and always seek for find the best way to assist our collaboration partners.

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