Jim HerreraJim Herrera

 Jim is a highly accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, and Board Member with more than 30 years of success in the computer software, real estate investment, advertising, distance learning, entrepreneurship, coaching, and interactive content industries. Jim is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs who are committed to ethical, collaborative and constant improvement.

Jim is Chief Entrepreneur at Perceptive Insights, a consulting and coaching firm for high-performance entrepreneurs. He has most recently conducted technology consultation with a real estate investment education business for individuals; advancing the company's technology portfolio by designing systems integration and business processes.

In addition to his experience with large companies -  Apple Inc., Creative Labs, Arbitron/VNU Media, and IGW Software - Jim has founded six startups throughout his career. He turned around an online gambling company and sold it for $35M. He founded Entermedia Network Company and worked with Disney and Lucas Films.

Based on his experience with several companies, Jim was inspired to “connect the dots” between profit-making and ethical business principles. He uncovered ten timeless personal and business principles we’ve forgotten in today’s culture. Utilizing these principles, he created The Perceptive Business Process™, a 3-step process that empowers aligns an entrepreneur's core strengths and values with appropriate business processes, key performance metrics, and technology solutions.

He is currently rolling out a series of entrepreneurial tools for operating a business with an emphasis on milestones, KPI, accountability, and based on self-assessment of mindset, skills and existing business processes.

Jim provides entrepreneurial coaching, consults with small businesses on brand strategy, relationship marketing and structuring strategic partnerships. His unique process for integrating technology solutions empowers ventures to create efficient and effective information systems. 

Jim holds a BA, Philosophy from Santa Clara University. He is an experienced presenter, speaking about “10 Principles of Entrepreneurial Success” and “Why Your Values Determine Your Success”. He is past President and Board Member of the National Hispanic Organization of Real Estate Associates, Santa Clara Chapter, and a Board Member on Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend. 

Jim and his wife Kim live in San Diego, CA with their dogs Trixie and Guinness, and their cat Boomer.