Jim HerreraJB Herrera

JB is the Chief Entrepreneur at Perceptive Insights (Pinsights). He is a highly accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, Board Member and Business Growth Strategy Thought Leader. JB has more than 30 years of success in multiple industries - computer software, advertising information, distance learning, interactive content, real estate and real estate investing.

JB has worked at Apple Inc. - during the rise of the Macintosh, and again later during the creation and release of the iPhone - Creative Labs, Arbitron/VNU Media and Keller Williams. He successfully turned around several companies and coordinated their acquisition for multi-millions of dollars.

JB also founded several different companies including EnterMedia Network, an interactive broadcast technology platform, audience information system and content production company. He has acquired several different technologies and companies to quickly grow and scale the business. And he has been an exception pivot and turnaround business strategist.

JB created The Perceptive Business Process™, a 3-step process that aligns an entrepreneur's core strengths and values with appropriate business processes, key performance metrics, and technology solutions. He created the Collaborative Capitalism business model, that considers all stakeholders - employees, shareholders, suppliers, partners and customers - in business strategy and decision-making. And he has successfully implemented these tools with hundreds of entrepreneurs in a variety of industries.

And then, came the current coronavirus pandemic.

JB looked at the situation as a business strategist and made a few observations:

  1. Market research indicates that the market for PPE products is over $5.1B per year with a growth trend of 2% per year forecasted over the next 5 years. (Source: IbisWorld) And this was before the pandemic.
  2. The supply chain for the healthcare industry is broken
  3. There will be a "gold rush" of inexperienced opportunists providing necessary PPE (personal protective equipment) that will cause the delivery of bad products to be delivered
  4. The reaction will be a mistrust and cynicism to suppliers
  5. The overwhelming need to "get product here" will cause the federal and state governments, hospitals and other medical facilities to compete for scarce resources
  6. There is an opportunity to get service businesses back to work quickly - with the right series of products and services

So, as the old 1970's adages go, "You're either part of the problem or part of the solution" and "If it is to be, it's up to me." On March 23, JB pivoted Pinsights to address these challenges and the opportunity. He is applying the proprietary processes created and applied during his coaching, mentoring and consulting years to the new Pinsights.

Pinsights is now reborn as a collaborative sales distribution organization for the healthcare industry.

Pinsights will focus on designing, developing and deploying two solutions:

  • A strategic-thinking focused business for ongoing acquisition and distribution of critical healthcare products using the Collaborative Capitalism model
  • Creating a practical integrated solution to protect Americans after the economy is opened up

Pinsights currently is engaged with 14 different businesses - getting people back to work - using the Collaborative Capitalism model to deliver millions of PPE products (and soon coronavirus testing kits) to the front lines of the healthcare industry.

JB holds a BA, Philosophy with a special emphasis in Psychology and Sociology from Santa Clara University. JB is an inspiring presenter on the subjects of: “Aligning Your Life and Business, The Real Key to Success” and “Collaborative Capitalism: Stakeholder Value Over Profits”.

In addition to his formal education at Santa Clara University, JB holds a certification in Human Interaction Technology from the Human Communications Institute. He is also a member of SOPHIA (Society of Philosophers In America). He is also a certified FortuneBuilders Business and Investment Coach.

JB is past President and Board Member of the National Hispanic Organization of Real Estate Associates (NHORA), Santa Clara Chapter and current Member of National NHORA Board. He currently mentors several small business CEOs through the Pinnacle Global Network

JB and his wife Kim live in San Diego, CA with their dogs Trixie and Guinness.