Is direct response marketing on TV effective?

vintage television

Vintage television

Great answer in Quora. I thought I would share this with everybody. Because if it works on TV, you KNOW it will work in the online world as well. – jbh

Answer by A Quora admin:

Yes, direct response marketing on TV certainly is effective.  There are literally hundreds of companies, from credit card companies, to Internet/Web-based companies, to Infomercial companies, that use direct response marketing on TV (drive to app store, web, call center, or some combination) – and you can watch their 30-second, 60-second, or longer ads on TV during the weekday on cable networks and during the evenings and overnights on all networks.

B2C companies are the most common users once they hit a certain scale because they can utilize various cable networks to reach their target audience and this allows them to vary and optimize their placements to maximize ROI; B2B companies (especially in the SMB space) are also users of direct response TV but usually are more limited in their placements because their target audience doesn’t map as well in terms of viewership to as many networks.

The bottom line is that if you’re trying to reach people, you need to have a target market, a specific message that compels people to come to you, and a call to action! Most businesses forget one or two or all three elements of successful marketing. This is the basis for successful inbound marketing.

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