This is the Perceptive Insights Marketing Self-Assessment Tool for Relationship Marketers.

By answering 3 basic questions, you’ll have an idea about how to improve your marketing so that you can get quality prospects coming to you.

Instructions: Answer each of the questions below by moving the slider bars to the number that best reflects how you feel. Once you answer the questions, the appropriate “effectiveness rating” will display. We do not keep any of your input. So, you can be honest about your opinions and feelings.


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Your Next Step

Your overall effectiveness rating will give you an idea of what you need to work on. If you'd like to dig a little deeper, we've prepared a free pdf of suggested activities that you can undertake immediately. And to get quality leads coming to you.  All you have to do is simply click the button below. And you'll be on your way.  Even if you choose to work with somebody else, please take some action. NOW!

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