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Puzzle Question MarkRelationship marketing can be many things to many people. In fact, the term is almost overused now. In the Internet marketing world, it’s what is referred to as “getting people to know you, like you, and trust you.” In traditional marketing, the term can be used as an extension to CRM – Customer Relationship Management – applications. And still for others, relationship marketing is about communicating your message and interacting with customers via social media.

While these are all true, I’d like to offer a different definition. One that can actually be used as a reference.

Relationship marketing is the process of building a genuine connection between you and a prospect or customer through a variety of channels. It is based on the values of the marketer, and the specific needs of the target market.

What does this mean for the entrepreneur? Well, based on this definition, you can define the metrics of your marketing. For example, a “genuine connection” can be measured based on traditional relationship characteristics. as opposed to just interacting or posting information.

And because the definition includes the marketing channel, values of the marketer, a target market and the characteristics of that target market, the entrepreneur can now specifically define for himself the return on investment that is appropriate for his situation.

Now let me ask you a question… Based on this definition, are you really a relationship marketer? If you would like to learn and implement the best practices in marketing give me a call at 408-409-6475.

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