Assisting Businesses and Events Reopen Safely Through the Pandemic

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We live in a challenging time. Things have changed since January of 2020. We can help guide you through the labyrinth of challenges to thrive in the Pandemic and beyond.


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People First

The Coronavirus Pandemic has brought out the best and worst of people and business. At Perceptive, our core values – Personal Responsibility, Mutual Respect and Collaboration – guide our decisions and activities on a daily basis. While others have been dumping products on the market, we’ve been designing solutions that make your life safer and your environments cleaner. 


We are collaborating with scientists and experts around the world to design and integration solutions that are safe, simple, effective and affordable. We’ve learned a significant lesson in this process; that TOGETHER, we can solve our problems. We can empower ourselves to build safer businesses that are capable of growing and scaling in a safe and secure manner. 

You don’t have to deal with the fear of not being around people.

Or not being with people at all!

What we do

Our Services


consulting with you

We work with you to determine the best possible set of protocols, processes and products to help you reopen your business safely.

Screening & Testing

We partner with companies who provide FDA certified screening and testing products and CLIA approved labs to ensure testing results.


We select a suite of products that are economical, efficient and unobtrusive to business workforces, customers and the general public. 



Strategies and systems are only good if they are used. Our reporting system provides an unbiased report of testing usage and disinfection status.

What Drives Us


Personal Responsibility • Mutual Respect • Collaboration

WhY We do what we do


Perceptive Insights believes that every person demonstrates high standards of behavior and every Main Street business has a clean safe environment that protects their workforce and their customers

Our Mission

Perceptive Insights specializes in a system of solutions that create and maintain clean safe environments. We work with established businesses to integrate products, technologies and services that empower businesses in the “New Normal”.


We have allowed our quality standards to decrease. We are committed to implementing change that enhances behavioral and scientific advancements that benefit both businesses and everyone.

About Our Products

We’ve evaluated and selected a series of products – from established manufacturers primarily from the United States – that combine to provide businesses of all types the ability create their own “bubble” of protection for their workforce and customers. These products are in 5 different categories.


HealthTherm™ is an infrared thermometer. It is used as step 1 in our process for ensuring a safe environment.

Rapid Antigen Testing

We have selected the CareStart Rapid Antigen Test to provide fast, accurate COVID-19 screening.

PCR Testing

We have partnered with QuickestCOVID to provide 4 hour turnaround of results from their CLIA approved laboratory.


This is one of the biggest oversights in battling viruses and bacteria. To properly provide protection in your environment, you need to take into account porous, non-porous and airborne contamination. We have selected a series of UVC Light technology that eliminate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on non-porous surfaces. We have also selected products to disinfect porous surfaces and filter out airborne particles.

PPE Products

If you have been observing the happenings in the medical products and PPE distribution supply chain, you know how broken it is. Perceptive has taken a different approach. We understand the long term goals of our partners. We work with them to design a business framework that allows them to manage their costs and provides for ongoing revenue for an extended period of time. We call this framework “Collaborative Capitalism.”

We work with people All over the world And Main Street Businesses who
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Clean and Safe Environments
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