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JB is a highly accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, and Board Member with more than 30 years of success in multiple industries – computer software, advertising information, distance learning, interactive content, and real estate industries.

JB is Chief Entrepreneur at Perceptive Insights, a small business accelerator for high-performance entrepreneurs. He created The Perceptive Business Process™, a 5-step process that aligns an entrepreneur’s core strengths and values with appropriate growth and scale strategies, marketing and branding strategy, operations systems, technology solutions and key performance metrics.

JB has worked at Apple Inc. – during the rise of the Macintosh, and again later with the release of the iPhone – Creative Labs, Arbitron/VNU Media and Keller Williams. He successfully turned around an online gambling company and coordinated its acquisition for multi-millions of dollars. JB also founded several different companies including EnterMedia Network, an interactive broadcast technology platform, audience information system and content production company. In his tenure there, he negotiated with MGM, Disney, Lucas Films and Dish Network; and acquired several different technologies and companies to quickly grow and scale the business.

He is an accomplished residential real estate investor and is now syndicating acquisitions of multifamily properties in different markets around the United States. JB is applying the Perceptive Business Process™ in real estate and establishing business education, training and business opportunities for his tenants. He is committed to provide practical tools that empowering people to be their best.

JB is an inspiring presenter on the subjects of “How Your Values Determine Your Success”, “Designing And Building Your Dream Business” and “Collaborative Capitalism: Working Together To Build Better Communities”.

JB holds a BA, Philosophy from Santa Clara University. He is also a certified FortuneBuilders Business Coach. He also holds a  certification in Human Interaction Technology.

He is past President and Board Member of the National Hispanic Organization of Real Estate Associates (NHORA), Santa Clara Chapter, current Member of National NHORA Board and a Board Member on Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend. He is currently on the advisory board of 5 small businesses.

JB and his wife Kim live in San Diego, CA with their dogs Trixie and Guinness.

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