Perceptive Insights is passionate about assisting small businesses create and implement the systems necessary to grow and scale. We are providing the tools we use with our large clients.


The Insights Focus Tool™

This is a tool we use prior to every meeting, call, workshop or event to ensure we are all on the same page with the appropriate expectations, outcomes and criteria for success. Click here to Access the Insights Focus Tool™

Perceptive Business Systems Analysis™

To truly understand what systems you have and what is holding you back, you can use this self assessment to determine what you need to work on.  Click here to access the BSA

Readiness Analysis™

Accelerating the growth of your business begins with understanding the strengths and areas of improvement in 8 Entrepreneur Characteristics. This tool is designed to walk you through the process of understanding those areas and showing you the characteristics that need attention.

Business Process Analysis™ (Coming soon)

There are certain business processes that are key to your business success. We’ve identified the top business processes of top performing companies. This self-assessment tool allows you to see how you can improve your processes to be like wildly successful businesses.

Unique Values Analysis™ (Coming Soon)

Core values are at the base of all great companies. But most entrepreneurs and growing companies don’t have a defined process for understanding what they are and how to use them properly. The Unique Values Analysis™ empowers you with the tools to align all the activities of each department of your business with your company’s core values.

Leadership Essentials

The Leadership Essentials Package identifies the core characteristics of great leaders. And then, provides you with practical tools for improving your performance and that of your stakeholders.

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