For the past 15 years, Perceptive Insights has been a successful small medium business (SMB) consulting and mentoring company. We have developed proprietary material that align core values, strengths, business processes, key performance metrics, and technology solutions to help hundreds of businesses grow, scale and implement successful exit strategies.

And then, came the current Coronavirus pandemic. At that point in March 2020, we looked at the situation as business strategists and made a few observations:

  • There will be a “gold rush” of inexperienced opportunists providing substandard equipment to the market.
  • The public, in its frenzied fear will grab these products;
  • After discovering the products are not what they suspect, they will become jaded with supply;
  • “Officials” in charge will become less trusted.
  • People’s self-interest will become radically more emotional and explosive
  • This cynicism will eventually be displayed in “knee jerk” reactions against traditional experts and government officials.

The business opportunity is to really take a long look at the problems and solve them in little steps. However, taking these steps as part of a path to a full solution. And that’s what we’re doing.

Perceptive Insights is focused on designing, developing and deploying product solutions for individuals and Main Street businesses. Our products and protocols provide clean safe environments for the workplace, home and on-the-go. They address both the immediate sanitation of airborne and surface contaminants. Our services will address the ongoing need for testing and implementing solutions for safe clean environments.

Perceptive Insights is releasing its family of products in the following brands:

  • HealthLyte – UVC light technology that kills up to 99% of germs and bacteria in homes, offices and “on the go”.
  • HealthSayfe – A suite of PPE products including customized personal protection kits (HealthKyts) for homes, cars, trains, planes, buses and businesses.
  • HealthTherm – Contact-free infrared thermometer for personal or business use.
  • HealthClenz – Proprietary line of cleaning products. -available to residential and commercial customers.

The Perceptive Team

JB Herrera

CEO and Founder

He is a highly accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, Board Member and Business Growth Strategy Thought Leader. JB has more than 30 years of success in multiple industries – computer software, advertising information, distance learning, interactive content, real estate and real estate investing. JB has worked at Apple Inc. – during the rise of the Macintosh, and again later during the creation and release of the iPhone – Creative Labs, Arbitron/ VNU Media and Keller Williams. He successfully turned around several companies and coordinated their acquisition for multi-millions of dollars.

Heidi Huff


Heidi is an MSPAS, PA-C is a Physician Assistant, practiced medicine full time for 10 years in the areas of family practice and internal medicine. She is a highly accomplished international business development strategist that brought much of the team together to pivot Perceptive Insights. She has built a very large, successful international direct sales company in telecommunications and is a distinguished national statistical performance consultant & coach. Heidi is exceptionally skilled in high-level negotiations, developing distribution systems, developing and training sales teams as well as leadership development. She has public speaking experience, is bilingual and holds a certification in Human Interaction Technology from the Human Communications Institute.

Jenna Cadwell


Jenna is a born leader and entrepreneur at heart. Her success as a business operator has been highly recognized, earning many awards. She has created, owned and operated numerous businesses including those in the retail boutique industry, the beauty industry along with a network of dental medical practices. Jenna’s sales experience has guided her throughout her career in retail, telecom sales and health club management. While working in the health club industry she achieved and set new records with highest new member sales and retention rates of 90%. Her expertise as an interior designer and savvy real estate investor has proven to be invaluable in the market with her properties in high demand.

Max Martin


Max has spent over 25 years in the Advertising and Marketing Industries supporting herbal and supplements industries. Max has created and sold successfully several companies in varies industries: Advertising, Cosmetics, Film and Audio Technology. He has significant logistics and distribution experience in the retail industry. Max is developing manufacturing relationships so that Perceptive Insights will have North America manufacturing sources for our PPE, cleaning and other products.

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Dana Hughes


Dana Hughes is a successful entrepreneur who brings a breadth of experience to Perceptive Insights. With over 25 years of leadership roles in various corporate development areas, she has a diverse and strong background in corporate operations and oversight.

Dana emerged into the business space through the insurance industry which led her to become a distinguished expert and consultant in new startup operations, advanced call center deployment and management, adjustment procedures, claim handling, catastrophic claim handling, special investigations and fraud litigation.

Her corporate experience and her independent entrepreneurship over the past 15 years has focused on system development, efficiency consulting, global product development and logistics which blend nicely to provide a high level expertise in acquisitions, new product development, quality assurance, sourcing, and logistics.

Dana currently resides with her family on the sunny gulf coast of Florida. She enjoys traveling the world and being creative.

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