For the past 15 years, Perceptive Insights has been a successful small medium business (SMB) consulting and mentoring company. We have developed proprietary systems that align core values, strengths, business processes, key performance metrics, and technology solutions to help hundreds of businesses grow, scale and implement successful exit strategies.

And then, came the current Coronavirus pandemic.

We looked at the situation from a business strategy perspective: Market research indicated that the market for PPE products was predicted to over $5.1B per year with a growth trend of 2% per year forecasted over the next 5 years. (Source: IbisWorld). Further, new and revised products would be required to meet the national and global response to the pandemic; and that would increase the market sizing considerably. 

Additionally, we made a few observations and predictions:

  • The supply chain for the healthcare industry was and is broken; negotiating power would move from the buyer to the manufacturer in this “continual short supply” world. This would cause business models to change or even reverse
  • Inexperienced opportunists would provide inferior products to market. And the reaction would be a growing mistrust and cynicism between suppliers and buyers
  • Federal and state governments, hospitals and other medical facilities would compete for scarce resources causing further distribution issues and mistrust in the market
  • Large organizations with deep pockets would buy products first and support themselves; this would foster a “top down” approach to product distribution
  • “Top Down” decision-making – about closing down or reopening businesses and schools – would be based on “after the fact” reporting what’s already happened.
  • The need for a comprehensive, “bottom up” solution – not product – to get businesses back to work effectively and safely would be required. 

So, as the old 1970’s adages go, “You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution” and “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” 

On March 23, we addressed these challenges. The result is an additional line of business to consulting with small businesses: a collaborative sales distribution service that provides safe, clean environments for businesses. Perceptive has designed, is continuing to develop, integrate and deploy a three-step solution for businesses that prevent the spread of COVID (and get people back to work):

  • A proprietary, industrial hygiene rules-based protocol for cleaning and disinfecting environments, along with the inexpensive UV technologies that aid small businesses maintain a clean environment
  • A set of medically approved COVID testing protocols
  • A software solution to demonstrate that the environment is clean and that the people entering the environment are free of contagion

When we implement these consistently the spread of COVID can be minimized – TODAY! We can get people back to work, get families together and people in safe shopping environments. And we can do this without relying on a magic vaccine that is being rushed to market without appropriate evaluation of long term after affects.

The Perceptive Team

JB Herrera

CEO and Founder

He is a highly accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, Board Member and Business Growth Strategy Thought Leader. JB has more than 35 years of success in multiple industries – computer software, advertising information, distance learning, interactive content, real estate and real estate investing. JB has worked at Apple Inc. – during the rise of the Macintosh, and again later during the creation and release of the iPhone – Creative Labs, Arbitron/ VNU Media and Keller Williams. He successfully turned around several companies and coordinated their acquisition for multi-millions of dollars.

JB also founded several different companies including EnterMedia Network, an interactive broadcast technology platform, audience information system and content production company. In his tenure there, he negotiated with MGM, Disney, Lucas Films and Dish Network; and acquired several different technologies and companies to quickly grow and scale the business. His ventures have returned tens of millions of dollars to his investors.

JB has coached and mentored small business CEOs in over 20 different industries. He has guided them to multiple types of successful pivot strategies turn arounds in several unprofitable businesses. JB’s “Zone of Genius” is his ability to identify missing elements of a business and develop effective strategies that integrate solutions from a variety of industries.

Dana Hughes


Dana Hughes is a successful entrepreneur who brings a breadth of experience to Perceptive Insights. With over 25 years of leadership roles in various corporate development areas, she has a diverse and strong background in corporate operations and oversight.

Dana emerged into the business space through the insurance industry which led her to become a distinguished expert and consultant in new startup operations, advanced call center deployment and management, adjustment procedures, claim handling, catastrophic claim handling, special investigations and fraud litigation.

Her corporate experience and her independent entrepreneurship over the past 15 years has focused on system development, efficiency consulting, global product development and logistics which blend nicely to provide a high level expertise in acquisitions, new product development, quality assurance, sourcing, and logistics.

Dana currently resides with her family on the sunny gulf coast of Florida. She enjoys traveling the world and being creative.