International Growth

Perceptive Insights is proud to be the exclusive United States sales partner of Vendor Junction Group to provide fast, efficient and cost-effective international business development, Sales Channel EcoSystems and In-country Operations & Channel Management services


Reasons To Go International

Diversify Markets

Revenue Growth

Improved Margins

Investment Opportunities

Competitive Advantage

Business Scalability

Global Brand

Business Efficiencies

Cost Reduction

Legal Compliance

Challenges of International Growth

“For most businesses, international markets offer greater opportunities for growth. By paying attention to details and outsourcing the business development functions to knowledge experts, the difficult job of going international is easier and can produce great results” – Dennis Day, Head of Strategic Alliances at MFT Group

What We Do

Vendor Junction Consulting has architected a cost effective, results focused solution for success in international business development and exports trade. Vendor Junction creates efficient, strategic and operational road maps that ensure consistency with your customer experience. The result is sustained revenue growth with measurable return on investment across high growth and emerging international markets.


New Revenues — Fast!

Vendor Junction delivers high level technical expertise that has resulted in a proven track record of generating new revenues for our clients. MOST importantly, is that these new revenue are generated within 6 months of engagement! And, using its proprietary growth system, Vendor Junction empowers your company to take control of the relationships “in-country” at your timeframe. 


New Revenues — Fast!

Our consultants and support teams conducts market research, value proposition and channel identification, to develop go to market and business development strategies and initiate local partnership collaborations for our clients in high GDP and emerging international markets.


In-Country Business Management

International business development and exports trade presents significant opportunities for business growth. However, without a local office and resources in the target market, it is a challenge to build relationships, gain mindshare, manage channel ecosystems that drive revenue with customers.

For start ups and SMEs, establishing local infrastructure in the initial growth phase is a considerable financial commitment. Vendor Junction offers a cost effective solution with “in-country” resources for business management. And this enables our clients to establish and enhance their presence in international markets.

Industries We Serve

With 130 years of combined experience across key business verticals, we identify growth industries in the international markets aligned to our client’s vision and goal of exponential business growth.

Life Science and HealthCare

Clinical Diagnostics, Patient & Home Monitoring, Mobile Health, Medical Imaging, Laboratory Equipment

Information Technology

CyberSecurity, IT Networking & Communications, IoT Solutions, Software and Cloud Solutions

Additional Industries

Green energy, Water Treatment & Management Systems, Waste Management & Recycling, Consumer Electronics

Our Focus Markets

Leveraging our in-country experience and professional networks across industry verticals and public sector organizations, we align synergistic channel sales partnerships and collaborations for our clients

Middle East

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Qatar

  • Kuwait

  • Oman

  • Bahrain

  • Jordan

South Asia

  • India

  • Pakistan

  • Bangladesh

  • Sri Lanka

  • Nepal


  • Nigeria

  • Kenya

  • Ghana

  • Republic of Congo

  • Ethiopia

  • Egypt

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