JB is a highly accomplished Mentor, Investor, Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, and Board Member with more than 30 years of success in multiple industries. He has successfully coached and mentored CEOs in over 40 industries.

JB has worked at Apple Inc. – during the rise of the Macintosh, and again later with the release of the iPhone – Creative Labs, Arbitron/VNU Media and IGW Software. He successfully turned around several companies and coordinated acquisitions that have increased the valuations of his clients by multi-millions of dollars. He also founded several companies, has negotiated with large companies like: MGM, Disney, Lucas Films and Dish Network. 

Through this experience, JB has developed a keen understanding of the complex issues facing small business owners in the type of volatile economy we have today. It has helped him develop skills to educate business owners quickly and effectively to successfully apply the right strategies in the correct order, allowing them to grow their business to its maximum capacity. And, when appropriate, he assists in developing strategic relationships or acquiring technologies that help companies quickly grow and scale.

JB has a revolutionary business assessment software that can quickly pinpoint major profit impacts within any business. In fact, he can show you in LESS than 3 minutes how you can easily double your current profits WITHOUT spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising!

JB has a special talent for helping business owners create competition-crushing marketing. The hard-earned lessons from his past enables him to expose the flaws in marketing that almost all small business owners fall prey to. And, why most digital marketing tactics don’t work.

For the business owner who prefers a do-it-yourself model, JB and his team has developed numerous training modules. Each video lesson provides a step-by-step approach enabling any business to instantly produce more leads, close more sales, and see a dramatic increase in revenue and profits.

Once a business’ fundamentals are in place, JB has a series of services that assist a company grow and scale their business. These services are customized for each business and assist the business owner realize their dream of creating their own multi-million dollar business, fulfill their passion, and achieve personal, financial, and professional freedom.

JB is an inspiring presenter on the subjects of “How Your Values Determine Your Success”, “Designing And Building Your Dream Business” and “Collaborative Capitalism: Working Together To Build Better Communities”.

JB holds a BA, Philosophy from Santa Clara University. He is also a certified FortuneBuilders Business Coach. He also holds a certification in Human Interaction Technology.

He is past President and Board Member of the National Hispanic Organization of Real Estate Associates (NHORA), Santa Clara Chapter, current Member of National NHORA Board and a former Board Member on Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend. He is currently on the advisory board of 5 small businesses.

JB and his wife Kim live in San Diego, CA with their dogs Trixie and Guinness.